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Servant Girls Making Out

While they both liked to be spanked, they knew spankings could get out of hand go from being fun to being painful quickly. It was always best to do as they were told...

When their master told them both to get down on the their knees with their hands behind their backs, they quickly did what they were told. Then he told them both to rub their boobs together, and then kiss... They crawled towards each other, rubbed their breasts together, and then started making out...

two servant girls worship their master 2

If this is what their master wants to see, this is exactly what they will do!

two servant girls worship their master 1


Hot Tied Model

This bondage slut knows exactly how to please her master - by getting herself all dressed up in sexy lingerie.... A black bustier, garters, stockings, high heels.... Nothing will please her master more than when she gets all dressed up.

But she must have done something wrong, upset her master, and now she's all tied up with her legs tied and her hands tied behind her back. Yeah, this bondage slut isn't going any where any time soon!

hot model tied up

It's a good thing because when she's all tied up like that she's fun to play with!


Tied Up And Gagged

The best part of having a teen slut tied up is that you can do anything you want to them and there is nothing she can do to complain.... she's gagged - who is going to hear her?

This teen slut is gagged and tied up and wearing a skirt - You can lift up her skirt and play with her panties all you want...

tied up gagged skirt panties

She looks scared - she knows she's in big trouble and there is nothing she can do to stop it!


Servant Girl Doggie Sluts

Got to love this - we got Nika Mellanie in a hot servant girl scene...

Looks like someone knows to be on their hands and knees to play a little bit of doggie!

Nika Mellanie playing doggie 1

She already knows how to play fetch, and now this servant girl is begging with her tongue out!

Nika Mellanie playing doggie 2

Of course, fucking any slut doggie style is always a special treat!


Girlfriend Tied Up

She told her boyfriend she had no problem being tied up... But when he started to spank her from behind she suddenly discovered there was nothing she could do!

artistic bondage wife

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Gagged And Surprised

The first time a chick gets a ball gag stuffed in her mouth it's a bit of a shock. They don't know how to handle it - it's a very unique feeling.

This chick here was completely overwhelmed... She was tied up first and then got the ball gag; There was nothing she could have done to stop him. And she didn't like it.

first time with ball gag

Her eyes might be open wide but eventually this tied virgin will learn to like having a ball gag in her mouth!

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Never Been Tied Up

Sometimes the prettier they are, the hotter it is to tie them up. This blonde slut looks like she's never been tied up before. She told him she would try anything once, but the thought of having a ball gag in her mouth and her hands tied behind her back didn't even cross her mind... She was scared - she was no longer in control - but oddly enough she was turned on by it too...


She was just wondering how he was going to fuck her if she was all tied up!

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Totally Defenseless

The first time women get gagged they are scared... When their hands are tied and then they are gagged, the sudden realization comes over them that for the first time in their life they are totally defenseless and someone else has complete control over their body... And there is not a damn thing they can do about it!

gagged slut

Ballgags are a great teaching tool too!

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Two Gagged Sluts

Why only have one slut to tie up when you can have two sluts tied up?

These two gagged sluts aren't going anywhere.

two sluts gagged restrainted 2

And when you get tied of having them in one position, put them in another position - this time tieing up their legs!

two sluts gagged restrainted 1


Two New Servant Girls

One of the first things Lindsay liked to do with new servant girls was to hose them down. It degraded them, but more importantly it taught them who was really in charge - and that they needed to do what they were told to do.

She made them spread their ass cheeks while she hosed them down like they were dogs!

wet-servant girls 1

Then she made them get on their knees while she explained the rules to her new servant girls!

wet-servant girls 2

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