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Forced A Ball Gag In Her Mouth

Tara Lynn Foxx was all tied up... She wasn't sure how it came to this.

She loved her boyfriend and was willing to do anything for him, and when he told her he wanted to tie her up this was not what she had in mind...

Tara Lynn Foxx gagged 1

When he put the ballgag on her he didn't warn her - he just came up behind where Tara Lynn Foxx couldn't see what he was doing, told her to open up her mouth and clothes her eyes... She thought it was going to be something sexy like whipped cream or a banana... And instead he forced a ball gag in her mouth!

Tara Lynn Foxx gagged 2


Katja Kassin Crawling On Her Knees

Katja Kassin loved serving her master. She always did what she was told to do, and waited on her knees for her master to return.

servant girl Katja Kassin 3

When he did return, Katja Kassin was happy when he let her out of her cage... Without saying a word this slut crawled on her knees and did as her master told her to...

servant girl Katja Kassin 2

Her master was kind enough to bring her some left overs... Which he fed her while she remained on her knees like he obedient slut was!

servant girl Katja Kassin 1


Tied And Gagged

Every day for months he watched her walk by her at work, and not once she did pay him any attention. Now that she was tied up to a tree and gagged, he had her undivided attention...

slut tied to tree 3

And the more she tried to fight him, the more it turned him on. He liked it when they fought back... he couldn't wait to have his way with her!

slut tied to tree 2

When he ripped off her shirt, he could see she had a huge rack - much bigger than he thought!

slut tied to tree 1


Sandra Silvers And Duct Tape

Women in tight sweaters and jeans shouldn't piss men off. This is exactly what happens. Looks like Sandra Silvers was being herself again - a woman - and she was just talking way too much.

No problem. That's something that duck tape can fix quickly!

sandra silvers tight sweater huge boobs duck tape

This way we can play with her huge titties and with Sandra Silvers being tied up behind her back there isn't much she can do to stop us!

Smoking hot!


The Upper Floor

If you've ever wondered what happens on the Upper Floor, well, use your wildest imagination. And then multiple it times one hundred. It's the best. By far. I've been there and I've seen it with my own eyes.

Today it looks like some servant girl is being trained on how to entertain her masters. It's almost like she's been bought and paid for. She's tied up and getting a good old fashioned spanking. And it's never been freaking hotter.

sexy bondage spankings the upper floor

Once she's been properly taught what happens if she doesn't behave she is untied and let loose.... Looks like she's down on her hands and knees, legs spread, licking her master's feet and legs.... How freaking hot is that?

sexy bondage spankings the upper floor2

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Marie McCray Tied Up!

Marie McCray thought she could have any man eating out of her hand... But not this time. The she tried to get him to do what she wanted, the rougher he got... Until suddenly he took control and tied her up!

Before she knew what was happening she couldn't fight him!

Marie McCray tired up

Suddenly she found herself on her knees on a leather bench, with her ankles tied up behind her and her arms up in the air behind her!


Gagged Babe Looks Scared

This teen slut might have her nipples pierced, but that was by far the most daring thing she's ever done in her life - that and having a threesome. But after a few too many drinks one night she let a stranger take her home, and he talked Brooke into being gagged and tied up... She's been tied up before, but never by a stranger - and she's never been gagged before.

The moment she noticed that she naked, tied up, and gagged, was a moment of sheer panic...

ball gagged slut looks scared

That's when this ball gag babe figured out she couldn't get away and couldn't call out for help... She looks scared!


Hot Blonde Loves Being Gagged

This bitch is getting exactly what she deserves... Perhaps she misbehaved and failed to please her master, and in return she got gagged and tied up for a bit.... She'll learn her lesson eventually.

She does look cute with that gag in her mouth - she's not going to complain. Looks like she has her titties out too! That's not going to be too comfortable for her!

hot bondage slut ball gag 2

Close up... This bondage slut looks super hot!

hot bondage slut ball gag 1


Duck Tape Fun

Who hasn't want to have two hot chicks tied up and restrained? Very hot - they have duct tape over their mouth. No one is going to hear them screaming for help!

They are completely at his mercy and he's not going to let them get away until they do everything he wants.... They both looked scared and perhaps they should be!

models tied 6

You know you always wanted to tie up two women...

models tied 5 models tied 1

This one looks really scared!

models tied 4 models tied 2


Tied Up And Gagged

Dumb slut really got herself into some shit this time. She was tricked by his books, thinking he was all smart and what not. Before she knew what was happening she was stripped naked, had a ball gag in her mouth, and was completely restrained... And there is not one fucking thing the blonde bitch can do about it.

gagged slut restrained

Perhaps now she's learned her lesson. If not, she'll end up with a ball gag in her mouth again!

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