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Tied Up Bitches

These two bitches were hanging out at the bar at closing down... And didn't want to leave because they were horny. Now they have their hands tied behind their backs, they are gagged, and they have their titties out!

two bitches gagged

This will be the last time these two gagged bitches stay for last call!


Ball Gag Hotties

Well, we know which bitch is in charge here


It's super sexy when one chick gags another with a ball gag!

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Properly Trained MILF

By the time any woman is a MILF she should be properly trained. She should know how to please her husband - you know, being properly dressed (or undressed) when he comes home, having a drink waiting for him... Standing at attention with her hand behind her back holding his drink is a good idea.

This servant girl knows how to please her man!

hot milf slave girl

The Training Of O is the most sexiest website we've ever seen! Lots of well trained servant girls there!

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Bondage Doll Ashley

This teen slut is ready for all kinds of bondage slut... The collar and the leash means she's owned; And of course it's hot that a solo girl like Ashley Doll is willing to post naked wearing a leash. Yeah, we can walk her around like a little dog and treat her like she really wants to be treated. All girls wanted to be tied up. We can thank that movie "Fifty Shades Of Grey" for this...

If you look close Ashley Doll is up for some serious fun and games. She's also got the restraints around her wrists; She's ready to be tied up and fucked hard.

ashley doll bondage babe 2

We always love it when solo girls - the true girls next door - want to move up and get treated like a bondage slut!

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Two Babes And Duct Tape

It's always fun when you have two servant girls...


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Ball Gag And Spreader Bar

Looks like this teen hottie was pulled right off the street... and without warning she found herself with a ball gag in her mouth and a spreader bar locking up her hands... She's still wearing her street clothes, a tight little tank top and short shorts.

She's looking up at her keeper like "What the fuck did I deserve to do this?"

short-shorts spread bar ball gag

God only knows what she did to deserve this... But with that ball gag in her mouth she won't be able to tell us a thing!


Super Ball Gag

There are ball gags and then there are BALL GAGS. This is a BALL GAG.

They can be simple or complicated; This ball gag is more like a muzzle. Yeah, this bitch isn't going to be saying anything any time soon.


I bet you this ball gag does double duty - so you can strap on a leash and then walk her around like she was your pet dog!

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Ballgag Slut

This teen slut has never had a ball gag in her mouth... It's her first time. She's dealing with it the best she can... She doesn't look scared, but she doesn't look happy either... But just like all bondage sluts she'll learn how to get used to having a ball gag in her mouth!

teen slut ball gag

She'll learn to like it. Eventually. They all do.

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Super Obedient Bitch

This is exactly how we like to have our servant girls waiting for us... With their boobies out and their hands behind their backs!

Katja Kassin servant girl

That's an obedient slut for sure!


Pretty Girl Tied Up

The prettier they are... The hotter it is to tie them up and gag them!


This slut looks like a needy bitch who needed to reminded who was in charge!

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