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Blonde Teen Gagged

This hot little slut... Has a nice ball gag in her mouth - and she's tied up too. She's not going to be talking back any time soon...

I love how she's bent over. Any time you want to rub up against her or spank her little tight teen ass... Go for it!

hot bondage slut ballg gag

And she won't be able to complain at all. This tied virgin isn't going to say a thing!

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Gagged Slut Turned On

Some chicks just like being tied up... Seems this blonde slut gets off on it. She likes having the power taken away from her; She likes it when a man takes charge. She gets off when a man takes charge... She's all tied up and he's wrestling her pants off of her, and then her panties next... And even though she might have a ball gag in her mouth, but you can see she's happy!


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Gagged With A Ball Gag

The look on her face says it all... She was tried up and gagged and there was nothing he could do to stop him... She was totally at his mercy....

And she looked scared!

ball gag

She had never been gagged with a ball gag before... And she wasn't liking it one bit!

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Gagged And Turned On

She was fine with everything right up until the exact moment she had the ball gag in her mouth. That's when she finally discovered he had done something that other man had done before - taken away her ability to speak. Suddenly she was unable to say no - and the thought of not being able to speak to him scared her and turned her on at the same time!

bonde slut gagged

Having a ball gag in her mouth and trusting her man like this was a huge step for this blonde slut!

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Well Trained Servant Girls

Looks like these two bitches are in way over their head... But now after a few sessions they are fully trained. All her masters need to do is tell them a number, and they know exactly what position to get into.

This time they are on their hands and knees with their legs spread, looking forward. Good servant girls.

bondage babes 2

Then they get down with their breasts touching the floor.... When they didn't do it fast enough they got spanked with that cane!

bondage babes 1

This is exactly why I love the training of O!


Gagged In The Car Trunk

Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would be naked, handcuffed, and gagged with another chick in the trunk of someone's car!

And she had no hope of getting out either!

bitches handcuffed in trunk 1

She was in big trouble now... Someone had kidnapped her and another chick and put them in the trunk of his car and took them both to an empty ware house...

He was going to have lots of fun with both of them - and being restrained and gagged there wasn't anything he could do to stop them!

bitches handcuffed in trunk 2


Tied Up Gagged And Spanked

This hot slut is not only tied up, but also gagged... We like our chicks gagged so we don't have to hear them!

And of course we like it when their titties are out and we can spank them from behind!

slut tied up gagged 1

She looks really scared and she should be... She's about to get the spanking of her life!

slut tied up gagged 2


Servant Girl Training

These two sluts are from the Training Of O. They are both going through their training, this time working on their positions. Their names are Kitten and Tater. Seems Tater mentioned she likes tater tots, and her master decided to call her Tater.

And when these two sluts screw up a position... They get a spanking with that cane!

two sluts doggie style

Trust me, these two servant girls are doing their very best to ensure they are on their best behavior in only to please their master!


Hot Model Tied Up

Hit hot model knew she was going to be photographed today, but she didn't expect this. She had never been gagged with a ball gag before... This big breasted hottie ended up all dressed up lingerie hog tied with a ball gag in her mouth!

She was beautiful and can have any man she wants, yet here she was like a common whore with a ball gag in her mouth!

hot model tied

She felt both very dirty and turned on at the same time!

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Bikini Bitch Tied Up Outside

This dumb slut was on vacation when someone snagged her... One moment she was on her way to the lake and the next moment she was gagged and tied up....

It will be a vacation this slut will remember for ever!

bikini slut gagged

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