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Gagged And Hog Tied

While I tend to like the ball gag myself, this will work just as well. Just so long as she cannot say "no" to us or call out for help we'll call it good....

Of course having the slut tied up so she can't just run away is great too! And this bitch isn't going any where - she's hog tied!

gagged hog tied

I like how this bondage slut has her boobies out for us!

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Scared To Be Gagged

This hot slut with the big brown eyes looks a bit scared to be gagged... Maybe she's not used to having a ball gag in her mouth!

hot babe ballg-Gagged

She'll learn to love it! All in good time!

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Katie Charley James Sucking Cock

Katie Charley James knows her place in life... She knows she's nothing more than a whore who will spend the rest of her life sucking cock... Usually when she's restrained!

She's got her hands locked in place and she's on her knees, with her mouth full of cock...

Katie Charley James sucking cock

That will be sure to get him off quickly... Katie Charley James knows how to please her master!

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Two Teen Babes Get Spanked

Both Tiffany and Lindsay knew they were in big trouble if they didn't do what they were told to do... The didn't like being punished; Spankings with the riding crop or even Richard's bare hand always hurt... Yet still the loved it and got off when he spanked them.

Sluts who like to be punished will always like to be punished, no matter no matter how much it hurt...

two hot teen blondes with hands behind their backs

Both of them were down on their knees with their heads bowed, knowing that Richard was going to spank both of them and then bend them over and fuck them both. He would spank Tiffany first while Lindsay watched, and then he fuck her. Then he would punish Lindsay by spanking her with his bare hand until her ass was bright cherry red while Tiffany watched, and then he would fuck Lindsay too.

If they were lucky Richard would make them eat each other out so they can both taste his cum dripping out of their tight teen pussys!

Don't worry - Richard will be sure to make a video for Connie so he can get off watching these two hot teen babes get spanked!


Blonde Bondage Babe

It's one thing when a hot model is willing to be tied up, but it's another thing when a woman is willing to get all dressed up for you - so she looks pretty for you when she's all tied up. Hot hot hot!

This blonde bondage babe is wearing ass tight sexy purple dress and thigh high boots - along with a ball gag in her mouth!

hot blonde model tied up

This blonde bondage babe is pure marriage material, but only if you are wiling to take the ball gag off of her long enough for her to say yes!


Red Ball Gag In Mouth

If this blonde babe with the ballgag in her mouth doesn't look scared, we don't know what scared looks like. She's got the fear of god in her eyes; She must have been punished something good in the past for misbehaving or talking too much - you know how these sluts are.

But she's not going to be talking much to day!

blonde babe gagged

No one will be able to hear her screams.... Because she's got a red ball gag in her mouth!

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French Maid Gets Tied Up

She was the maid and she was used to being told what to do, but this was new. He told her he had a new task for her in the bedroom but didn't tell her anything more.

He motioned for her to sit down, and then gently grabbed her arm and moved it to the side of the bed - where he tied her up. She was so stunned she didn't say anything or try to stop him...

french maid gagged tied up 1

When he tied up her other arm to the other side of the bed she still didn't say anything....

But when he put the ball gag in her mouth she tried to resist, but by this point she knew it was too late!

french maid gagged tied up 2

She was tied up and gagged!


Whipping Ass

She let her girlfriend tie her up and then suddenly she surprised her with a ball gag. Before she could say no, the ball gag was in her mouth and there was a not a thing she could do about it. Her sexy lesbian girlfriend pulls out a little riding crop... And although she had never thought she was going to like having her ass whipped, turns out she does...


She might be scared but she loves having her ass whipped!

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Blonde Hottie Gagged And Tied

Some chicks like to be tied up, but there are times when you want to tie them to make sure they won't get away... Or make a sound. In that case, you need to gag them - and hog tie them. This way no one will ever know that they are tied up and you can have all of the fun with them you want!

hot blonde babe gagged

Just imagine being able to reach out and touch her any you want and she can't do a thing about it because she's all tied up and gagged!

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Gagged And Tied To A Tree

She had done it now... She told her boyfriend no and that's one thing that she was told never to do. She did it once and he spanked her, but she sort of enjoyed it... The next time she told him no... He took her out to the woods for a picnic. She wasn't sure what was going on but she went along with it. She had a few glasses of wine... And when she woke up there was a ball gag in her mouth and she was tied up to a tree - like some kind of animal!

She didn't like his one bit!

Then she noticed her boyfriend was there and he didn't look too happy.... He touched her face and reminded her how bad she was!

slut gagged outside 1

Then he blindfolded her, and cut off her shirt and her bra... Suddenly she was topless outside!

Oddly it was a turn on for her - but she was scared about what her boyfriend was going to do to her next!

slut gagged outside 2

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