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Hot Model Tied Up

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There is a site called Models Tied that doesn’t get nearly enough attention here on our bondage blog here. I know the people who run the sites I post about here, but this one is the exception. I know nothing about them at all. It seems they take models – loosely defined as beautiful women – and then tie them up. Yum.

When it comes to bondage most of the sites use women that you might or might not hit depending on how many beers you’ve had on that night. Not all women enjoy being tied up, and the hotter the chick is the more she feels she can call the shots which is why beautiful women aren’t afraid to say no. They can say “No, I will not let you tie me up” and then they move onto the next guy. This is why some of the bondage sites use second rate chicks.

Not Models Tied. They seem to use all hot models, beautiful chicks. And they are all dressed up in sexy lingerie – no jeans and granny panties here!

Models Tied is the kind of bondage babes we like to see tied up!

This hot tied model has her mouth covered with duct tape. Usually I like using a ball gag to shut a slut up (that rhymes!), but it seems like duct tape is just as effective. She might be pretty to look at, but frankly I don’t think I want to hear prattle on about how she went to the mall to buy those slutty high heels. (Do they even sell high heels like that at the mall these days?) I don’t want to hear her talking about how much fun she had shopping; I just want to see her strutting around in her slutty high heels with her mouth taped shut!

This is what Models Tied is all about!

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