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Slutty Servant Girl

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This is exactly what you want in a servant girl… You want to be able to tell them anything, and have them do it instantly without ever questioning it. When you say “Put this strap on dildo on your mouth and get on your knees and fuck this chick with it” you want her to do it and do it quickly without giving you any crap about it. You want a servant girl to do as she is told, and this case that’s exactly what she’s doing. Down on her knees she went, strap on dildo strapped to her mouth, and she rammed it deep inside of that other servant girl just like she was told!

She’s fucking her with her a strap on dildo tied to her mouth!

hot sluts banging each other

Now that’s a faithful servant girl! And that’s what we would expect from any chick working the Upper Floor!

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