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Two Teen Babes Get Spanked

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Both Tiffany and Lindsay knew they were in big trouble if they didn’t do what they were told to do… The didn’t like being punished; Spankings with the riding crop or even Richard’s bare hand always hurt… Yet still the loved it and got off when he spanked them.

Sluts who like to be punished will always like to be punished, no matter no matter how much it hurt…

two hot teen blondes with hands behind their backs

Both of them were down on their knees with their heads bowed, knowing that Richard was going to spank both of them and then bend them over and fuck them both. He would spank Tiffany first while Lindsay watched, and then he fuck her. Then he would punish Lindsay by spanking her with his bare hand until her ass was bright cherry red while Tiffany watched, and then he would fuck Lindsay too.

If they were lucky Richard would make them eat each other out so they can both taste his cum dripping out of their tight teen pussys!

Don’t worry – Richard will be sure to make a video for Connie so he can get off watching these two hot teen babes get spanked!

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