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Oh The Training Of O

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I love the Training Of O. I love it when women are willing to do anything and everything their man requires them to do. I love it when women serve their master.

One of the very best part of the Training Of O is what is called the slave intake. They get a small group of woman, sometimes only two or three, other times up to ten, and then they get them to complete to see who will make the best servant girl. You know at the Training Of O of they only want the most obedient women, and making them compete against each other is the best way to make sure they get the very best of the best. Only the most obedient women will do.

So they bring them into the Kink armory and start the Training Of O of with putting them a series of tests. I love it when the women have no idea what they are about to do next – they have no idea what they’ll be told to do, or what their masters will make them do. Usually it involves them spending a lot of time on their hands and knees, or as is the case of the picture below with their hands behind their back….

You know all sluts like it when they get fucked doggie style, and my god we love to fuck them doggie style, so it’s great when they start them off right at the Training Of O and make sure they know who is in charge by getting on their hands and knees like a dirty little dog.

It’s so hot when groups of women server their master all at the same time like this! This is why I love the Training Of O!

At the Training Of O of they also like to make them watch each other do stuff…. And when they do that they are standing with their legs spread slightly apart with their hands behind they back.

Sort of just makes you want to go up to them and spank their bottomes! Trust me, this goes on every day at the Training Of O!

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