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The Tribute Position

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Every master trains his servant girls differently, as they see fit. There are some common themes of course, but it’s not like we all have a secret club and we meet up once a month for meetings. (Although, truth be told, there are some local groups that do get together and share tips and secrets, and of course even larger groups on line.)

This position – women on their knees with their legs spread, ass up in the air, tits and faces down with their arms out as far as they will go. I don’t know what anyone else calls this, but I call this the tribute position. I think this is because one of my favorite scenes on The Upper Floor. Two girls were starting their training, and they were going over new positions. This is something important all servant girls must go through. It’s partially to control them, but also to get them used to doing what they are told to do.

This is what women need to do when the want to pay tribute to their master.

This is why I love the Upper Floor!

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