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New Servant Girl

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Tina didn’t like to listen. She never did, but that was part of her charm. Some women just enjoy getting spanked, be it with the whip or the riding crop – or even ruler or wooden paddle – and they’ll disobey just because they like the punishment their actions will bring. We need to break them of that habit. Quickly.

The secret to breaking in a new servant girl is to find out what they don’t like – and use that as punishment.


I brought Tina into one of the training rooms for her punishment, which she naturally thought would be the usual spankings she was used to – the same spankings she deserved. The moment she entered the room she knew she was in trouble. She hated the stockade – restraints and bondage didn’t bother her much, but being restrained and being whipped at the same time was too much for her.

When I told her to go stand up against the wall and count to sixty, she did so without complaint. For the rest of the night she’ll be the most obedient slave ever!

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