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Servant Girl Eats Crumbs

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I’ll have to give her credit – Shasha tried hard. But sometimes she had problems keeping up. It’s not easy training servant girls.

This time around she failed to make dinner. She knew I was on my way home, but I guess she wasn’t hungry. I was, so she failed. I ordered get to get naked, and then put a chain around her neck – to let her know she was about to be seriously punished. I had her sit on the floor, on her knees, and wait while I made myself something to eat. I made her watch while I ate it.

She was mad. Shasha was on her knees and being silent, but now she was hungry. She wasn’t about to say it, but I could tell from the look on her face she was hungry. Well, she would just have to wait. That will teach her a lesson.

When I was finished I handed her the plate and let her eat the crumbs while she was still on her knees.


I’m willing to be that is the last time this servant girl doesn’t make me dinner on time!

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