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Servant Girl Veronica Avluv

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She didn’t know how this was going to go down; She was just here to do as she was told. Veronica Avluv was a good girl and she knew what to do and when to do it. More or less it had to so with her being told what to do. It’s so very simple.

She was all dressed up in black lingerie that didn’t leave much to the imagination, black stockings, and matching high heels. Veronica Avluv was told to stand there and hold two platters of fruit – you know, just in case he got hungry. She would serve him as he pleased – or demanded.


But he it turns out her master didn’t want any fruit – he wanted to be sucked off. And it was the job of Veronica Avluv to obey and obey she did. Veronica Avluv quickly got down on her knees to suck off his huge fat cock!


Just like a good servant girl should!

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