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Training Servant Girls

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All women can make a good servant girl. They just have to be properly trained. And when it comes to training servant girls there one place online where they really know how to train servant girls…. It’s a website called the Training Of O. It’s run by the king of bondage – kink.com – and they film in the Armory in San Francisco. You couldn’t find a more proper setting to train servant girls.

This slut is going through some proper training… She’s got her titties out and on full display, and she’s got her hands behind her back like a good servant girl should. This is the easy part.

Once they learn the basics…. It’s time to teach them how to do some more interesting things – such as sucking down cock. She looks happy in the first picture of her servant girl training, but once it comes to getting tied and taking some cock in her mouth she doesn’t seem to like it much. But at this point she doesn’t have a choice – she’s in servant girl training and there is no turning back now!

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