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Training Servant Girls

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All women are lesbians, but some just need to be trained. In fact most of them do need to be trained. And at the end of the day, all women enjoy being subservient to men. Most of them don’t know it yet, which is why they need to be trained. Most women have worked as a waitress before, or a maid; These are jobs for women. And being a naked subservient servant girl is just a step above being a waitress or a maid – or perhaps just a combination of all three. And being most women enjoy being subservient to men, this perfect for women

This subservient slut knows the proper position – looking straight ahead with her one hand behind her back. She is ready to serve.


This subservient slut is going to set the table for her master, and then watch him eat. If she is lucky this subservient slut will get some table scraps.


She’ll be ready for the Upper Floor shortly!

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