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Training Servants

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Women need to be trained. They want to be trained. Women like being told what to do. Most women think they like being charge but when you put them in charge they get silly. It’s so funny.

When you put your big boy pants on and put them in their place it’s so much fun. They will quickly respond to you. And trust me, they will do exactly what they are told to do. Even a chick like Veronica Avluv.

She came to Kink.com to be trained and she seems to be doing well.  She was told to walk around half naked and in high heels carrying around fruit. You know, in case anyone got hungry. Or want to ram a banana up her cunt. Just like all other women, Veronica Avluv will do what she’s told….

You can tell Veronica Avluv was born to serve. She’s standing with her legs spread just right like she is on display.

Veronica Avluv will make a great servant girl. She’s a slut just like all the rest of them! She’ll do well on the upper floor!

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