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Training And Breaking Women

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Training and breaking women is a fun thing to do. It’s great to bring them to the dark area where they are no longer in control and scared to death.

This is Carter Cruise, and she looks like the girl next door. She looks like she might just be shopping at any suburban mall. But deep down inside she wants to be dominated – you know, Fifty Shades Of Grey and all that. All women secretly want this but are too afraid to mention it. This is why Carter Cruise came to The Training Of O.

It’s time to get busy.

trainging carter cruise 5

Carter Cruise thought she knew how to suck cock. Turns out she didn’t know anything. Her hands are restrained here, and she’s being forced down on that cock in a way she never knew she could do.

trainging carter cruise 3

And when it came to fucking, once Carter Cruise was properly restrained, she got fucked… And not the kind of fucking this girl is used to! Turns out she has another hole that she doesn’t use!

36920 CarterCruise 102

This is what the Training Of O is all about – breaking women and making them do what you want them to do!

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