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Monica Gets Punished

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When Monica was told to stand in the corner, she was thinking this was easy. When she was told she was going to be a sex slave, she thought it was going to be easy… At first when she agreed to this she was worried that she was gong to get spankings, but now it seemed liked this was going to be tame – he was gong to boss her around a bit, make her stand in a corner, maybe worst make her get down on her knees to suck him off… Nothing she hasn’t done before.

He was acting all bossy and telling her to stand in the corner with her hands above her head, and she was smiling – giggling.


She surely wasn’t giggling any more when when she was handcuffed to a cage, bent over, and was getting a spanking. Every time she complained that he was spanking her ass too hard, he would pull on her leash choking her like a dog – like the dog she was!

Monica was being punished for everything she had ever done wrong!

And she was discovering she liked being spanked hard! The leash was a huge turn on too!

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