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First Time Gagged

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This dark haired beauty with the root beer colored eyes has it going on… She thought she was going to be up to some fun and games but instead she’s all tied up. If that’s not enough, for the first time in her life she’s got a ball gag in her mouth. Turns out she didn’t have much choice in the matter – She was tied up when he put in her mouth. She tried to fight him off, briefly, but not really; The thought of being gagged didn’t excite her at first but also kind of scared her. But when he tried to put it in her mouth she didn’t really fight back – Her first thought was “oh hell no” but she quickly came to the conclusion that there was no sense trying to fight it and secretly she had always wondered what it would be like to be both tied up AND gagged at the same time.

She was completely helpless. And it was turning her on, making her pussy wet.

gagged beauty

He had the ability to do whatever he wanted with her – he could pull out her titties and play with them, spank her bottom… And there was nothing this tied virgin could do to stop him!

It was a huge turn on for her!

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